Is your ass Double Down?

September 23, 2010

The gluteus maximus.

One of the most talked about body parts is something that every person thinks of on a daily basis. Whether it’s too big, looks good in spandex, or gets numb from sitting in one position for long periods of time; our behinds are sometimes analyzed, just as much as our brains are. Unfortunately for the good-health of butts everywhere, KFC has honed onto the attraction of the rumpus with the two most appealing things to men:

1.) Bacon & cheese stuck in between two pieces of fried chicken (Better known as the KFC ‘Double Down’).
2.) Looking at college girl’s butts.

KFC, who is notoriously known for unhealthy food standards, has recently come out with their new AD campaign that plasters the words ‘Double Down’ no where other than the backside of female college students. The company is asking any female interested to simply visit the Double Down Facebook page and sign up.

“Women on college campuses are being paid $500 each to hand out coupons while wearing fitted sweatpants with “Double Down” in large letters across their rear ends.” USA TODAY

Is it sexist and degrading towards women to have this pun on words smeared across their backsides, as they around like a human billboard? Or is it simply smart advertising, considering KFC’s target demographic to be young men that are “KFC’s key customers and the biggest fans of Double Down.”

Regardless, even if you take the bun away from a chicken sandwich and advertise it on another type of bun- KFC’s Double Down, grease splattered meal will never taste like it should… like real food…


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