8-bit Music puts the Data in Pop

September 27, 2010

Nintendo game consoles: once limited to the 80’s, stoners, or avid gaming fanatics have now made a comeback in the form of music.

Video game music, more properly known as 8-bit, has recently come into a new fan base here in Austin. By using the classic hand held Nintendo system, Artists are able to control the sounds through a computer program that allows to make their own songs. Not only is 8-bit a awesome sounding new music trend, but it also includes a strong culture of gaming along with it. Whats also included is a melodic harmony of synthesized beats that will not make you want to turn an ear.

IAYD Performance at Datapop 2009

Austin has been infected with 8-bit music with the first Datapop 1.0 showcase during 2008’s SXSW.  Since then, the Alamo Drafthouse has presented 3 more 8-bit concerts at the Highball, with Datapop 4.0 opening tonight, Sep 26th.

If you get the chance, check out more 8-bit artists here at 8bitcollective. Never before will your feet start to dance to music made by thumbs.


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