When Robin Hood lost his appeal: The Bling Ring

September 27, 2010

There once was a time when stealing from the rich represented something far more than theft. If you considered Robin Hood to be a modern day hero or self righteous thief, there was still a certain ideological mindset behind the story and his alleged actions.

Today in 2010, this has all changed with our culture’s obsession with celebrity status. Enter: The Bling Ring.

The Bling Ring, or sometimes referred to as the “The Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch”,  is a group of California high school who robbed houses of multiple celebrities over a one year period. This group consisted of 7 teenagers who allocated in total almost $3 million in celebrities cash and personal belongings.

What sets the Bling Ring apart from most infamous crimes (besides the apparent absurdity of the entire heist) is that these teenagers were driven by an obsession created by our media and television. Aside from an abundance of quick cash, the group wanted a lifestyle: the Hollywood lifestyle they saw their favorite celebrities leading. The Bling Ring grew up in Los Angeles and wanted everything they saw around them for their selves. Through ransacking the houses of the rich and famous, they were able to acquire the jewelry and designer duds their role models wore- thus ultimately being able to lead a part of this lifestyle.

Even though the group was caught, little understanding or remorse seemed to result from their arrest.

One of the culprits, aspiring model Alexa Neirs explained her views to Vanity Fair, courtesy of truTV: “Not appearing demure and contrite in the press, Neiers bragged of her penchant for expensive shoes to Vanity Fair and compared herself to Angelina Jolie, saying that she sees herself  ‘being like an Angelina Jolie, but even stronger, pushing even harder for the universe and for peace and for the health of our planet. God didn’t give me these talents and looks to just sit around being a model or being famous’.”

The sad truth is this group of already privileged teens had grown up with an innate greed to them that was learned from our media outlets. To be rich, beautiful and fabulous is being shown to Americans as the proper way of life. Some can see around this hazy cloud of lies to realize that life hold more truth than this, but unfortunately for this Bling Ring, culture caught up to them too soon.

Maybe a proper reading of Robin Hood should be told to this celebrity and fame obsessed group. But then again, there is always time to learn in jail.



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