Indy Media Austin

October 1, 2010

Want an alternative source for local information?

Recently, Austin has developed its own ‘IndyMedia’ site to inform the public about events, rallies, ect.. IndyMedia originally had its start in Seattle as a response to the 1999 WTO protests. Since then, this grassroots collective strives to take the voice away from mainstream media, and back into public hands. Many other branches of IndyMedia have sprung up around the globe, and now here in Austin.

Austin IMC’s Mission Statement

“Austin Indymedia is a grassroots media collective committed to providing an outlet for the circulation of voices and messages that are systematically marginalized by mainstream media. Austin Indymedia refuses to hide behind a false sense of objectivity and promotes media-making as a tool for social, economic, and environmental justice. We seek to provide alternatives to for-profit media not only in our coverage, but also within our collective by implementing consensus decision making, non-hierarchical and non-specialized work methods. Austin Indymedia allows for open publishing, encourages community collaboration, and helps open access to the tools necessary to engage in grassroots media-making. These processes ensure that the means are consistent with the end – a world based in community, cooperation and sustainability.”

Again, IndyMedia is a community resource- So if you have information, know of an event- feel free to write and get involved!


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