Saving the planet, while having sex…what?

October 2, 2010

Within the past 5 years, every type of resource imaginable has hopped into the “green scene”- which is currently dominating the market. Now, eco-friendly minds have brought sex into the mix. The term is called ecosexuality, and it is becoming a growing trend between activists and conscious people alike.

Tinamarie Bernard states that if you “care about the planet, pleasing your partner and pleasing yourself”, you have the markings of an “ecosexual”.

“Ecosexuality means being mindful of every aspect of courtship and seduction. It’s about making sure your sex life is kinder to the air you breathe and the water you drink.”

But is ecosexuality just another trend to buy into a green marketing campaign? What’s the real difference between a strict “ecosexual” and just another person in the normal dating scene? For starters, ecosexuals have developed a lifestyle of sustainability., states that most ecosexuals do not date others outside of the “eco-friendly” scene because it infringes on their beliefs.

“Most people that consider themselves Ecosexuals simply refuse to date anyone that does not live the way they live. Or at the very least, they must accept it and somewhat conform to the lifestyle. Living green is the most important part of their lives and their love life is no exception to the rule.”

Stefanie Iris Weiss, author of Eco-Sex: Going Green Between the Sheets and Making Your Love Life Sustainable, has easily broken down the label into three groups of “eco-seduction, eco-sex and carbon neutral love”. Weiss gives tips about how to change the stereotypical first date of “dinner & a movie” into a more environmentally friendly experience with suggestions of picnics and bike rides- opposed to the waste produced from eating out, transportation and box offices. Weiss goes even further into the realm of sex by offering alternative methods of solar powered sex toys, biodegradable condoms and eco-friendly bedding.

But do we really need a entirely new label just to be mindful of our choices? Is buying a more expensive, biodegradable condom going to help solve environmental issues more than simply creating a new market niche for eco-sex toys?

Glyde condoms- 100% “vegan friendly”

Carol Bengle Gilbert begs to differ. In her Green in the Bedroom: Biodegradable Condom Report, Gilbert states that biodegradable condoms are not as efficient as we think for reasons including trash disposal still leads to landfills, which do not serve as an ideal place for any biodegradable item. Ultimately Gilbert concludes with “It’s possible that the condom that was biodegradable in its virgin state is less biodegradable or maybe even not biodegradable at all under normal use conditions.”

Ecosexuality is a relatively new concept that has not really been accepted by society yet. However, only time will tell if its really a sustainable choice, or a market that’s capitalizing off of an eco marketing lifestyle.


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