The leading female role: women in the film industry

October 13, 2010

In the past year or so, there has been a lot of attention drawn to the female role in movies and the film industry itself. Kathryn Bigalow’s win at the Academy Awards for Best Director did not only bring up questions of why, in 2010, was she the first female to ever win this award? But it also paved the way for numerous articles to be written that examined just how male-driven the business is and their depiction of women was. It also paves the way for questions about our own psyche.

So how accurately do movies really mirror societal views of something?

Slash Film, recently blogged on their Post of the Day about The Female Character Flowchart, created by the website Overthinking It.

The Female Character Flow Chart

The website has taken every kind of female stereotype, and applied it to a easy-to-follow graph that charts where a character would be. What you get is a surprisingly small group of all the female roles portrayed in Hollywood films.

Though the chart is just a small example and has humor behind it, it is shocking to think that you can apply it to almost every female character that comes to mind.

So where does the female role come into the film industry and has it been easier for screenwriters to make females less complex than their male counterparts? Why, as an audience do we regularity accept this as the norm? An interesting thought next time you watch a female character on the big screen.


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