Evil Dead: The Musical

October 18, 2010

Whether you are a die hard fan of the Evil Dead trilogy or you just like a little blood with your song and dance, Evil Dead The Musical is the perfect treat this Halloween month.

Adapted from Sam Rami’s low budget horror films, now cult classics, Evil Dead The Musical takes those same ‘campy’ elements to a whole new and wonderfully cheesy level. The musical incorporates the plot points and characters mostly from Evil Dead I & II but has references to Army of Darkness and of course, a killing of the undead army. The characters are amplified versions of those in the movies and are more stereotyped for comedic value.

Songs featured in the musical include new classics such as “Cabin in the Woods”, “What the F*ck was that?”, “Boomstick” “Do the Necronomicom” and “Blew that B**ch Away” will make you laugh out loud from hilarious satire.

Corpus Christi cast members performing "Do the Necromonicon"

Last year, the production embarked on a successful U.S. tour- but is now back in New York City and Toronto. However with its popularity, many local theaters are adapting their own productions of the hit musical for the month of October.

The Harbor Playhouse's production of Evil Dead The Musical. Poster art by: Adam Elliff

I recently saw the Corpus Christi’s Harbor Playhouse production of it, and frankly, was blown away (not by Ash’s boomstick) by the performances. The set design is brilliantly simple, yet interactive. The various articles on the walls, including a talking moose head, are able to take on movement when, they too, are possessed by Candarian demons. The death scenes are also extremely interactive with the first two rows (but no guarantees for the rest of the audience) being labeled as “Splash Zones”. But unlike Sea World, this splash zone is subject to the bloody massacre of the undead. Strobe lights and ketchup bottles were used in the Harbor Playhouse’s production, which proved extremely effective in drenching the crowd and made way for a entertaining, personal touch to death.

Cast member, Zephaniah Pease, with blood-soaked audience members.

A romp in the woods with over-sexed college students leads to the unleashing of evil spirits, blood, lust, corny one-liner jokes, and of course…show tunes. A perfect way to spend the month of October for anyone over the age of 12.


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