Grab your floaties- The Eastern Sea is making waves

November 1, 2010

Zach Duran & Kevin Thomas

As most Austin-based musicians know, being a band amongst a cesspool of musicians is like being stranded alone in the vast ocean. As you desperately strive to set yourself apart and seek rescue, you fight as hard as you can to stay afloat. But when its time to sink or swim, The Eastern Sea has not only been able to get to shore, but they are doing back-flips off your diving board.

The four-piece, Austin group could be labeled as an indie rock band at first glance, however, after opening your ears to the sound one quickly realizes they are far from a simple, catchy beat. The Eastern Sea’s music transcends the surface of a pleasing melody to a place in the back of your mind, as if you have somehow felt their songs before. Beautifully tailored to rhythmic perfection, singer, Matt Hines’ lyrical narrative is synchronized with building instrumentals that are complex, yet complimentary to the listener’s familiar response.

Deemed as one of the “Nine Locals to Watch in 2009” by the Austin Chronicle, the band had undergone quite a successful year. With the release of their second, self-tilted EPII, and the completion of their first mid-western/ east coast tour, The Eastern Sea has been steadily building up a strong fan base.

After returning home from the weeklong CMJ Music Marathon in New York, Kevin Thomas (Trumpet/ Percussion) described the tour as “insanely successful” for the band. Not knowing how they would be received, Thomas seemed slightly surprised at their outcome. “There were a lot of people at all the shows we sold,” he said.

But when it comes to touring itself, drummer Zach Duran, explained that each member feels slightly different about living life out on the road. “We all want to tour, we love it…but I think that I like it the least out of all of us,” said Duran. “I like being with my friends…but being away from your comfort zone is tough, on me at least…but then we have people like Matt who are already talking about going on the next tour.”

Thomas sarcastically rebutted, “But that’s already in February… and that’s only a month long. I don’t think we’ll ever do six-month or yearlong tours, but if you’re making music, you have to tour.”

The band is about to embark on writing their first, full-length album together.“Matt (Hines) is the guardian, and we are the clouds above,” says Duran of the album making process. “Matt has this idea, it’s a seed, and he plants it- we rain down on it, and it grows into something much more than that seed.”

And with a new song called “China Untitled” being both Duran and Thomas’ favorite song to perform, fans hopefully have a lot to look forward to with the band’s upcoming full-length.

At the cusp of triumph, The Eastern Sea seemingly has a long and fruitful career ahead of them. If the band’s upcoming album can continue to incorporate those elements that have previously set them apart, they will continue to follow their own recipe for success.

Catch more of the interview & performance below:


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