Fun Fun Fun Fest is sure to give you a black eye: Monotonix

November 5, 2010

The lineup for Fun Fun Fun Fest this year is insanely good. Aside from all the great music you’d be hearing, there are a few acts that…kinda set themselves apart from your typical performers. These bands really know how to put on a show that will not only leave you excited and possibly covered in alien blood- but also with a black eye and/or a bloody nose. Think you’re game?


Monotonix– Yellowstage, 4:30 PM

The first time I ever saw Monotonix was in a small warehouse show that was part of FXFU (a counter show to sxsw). I had no idea who this band was, besides the fact that they all resembled the 70’s style porn scene with long hair, gold chains, polyester & velvet, and a lot of chest hair. My friend leaned over to me and said “you see that guy right there, he is the lead singer for Monotonix… he is bat shit crazy.” REALLY, not knowing what to expect, we all gathered around in a circle around them as they played on the floor, a preference for the band, and slowly watched insanity unfold. Monotonix is the type of band that has steady drum beats and jimi-hendrix like guitar solos- but is paired with a rampant singer who is going to get in your face. There was beer being poured down his face, down his pants, and down the shirt of a girl standing in the front. Then there was a trash can that not only did the singer, Ami Shalev, jump into – but then he ‘canned’ another guy standing front of his face. Next thing I knew we started picking up drummer, Haggai Fershtman, who was simultaneous playing his hi-hat while being carried on his base drum. What ensued was a parade all the way outside as guitarist,Yonatan Gat, continued on with his deep riffs. Austin seems to love Monotonix, as the Israeli band has become notorious for their raucous shows full of fire, sweat, beer and hipsters.


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