Four Lions

November 8, 2010

Chris Morris’ new black-comedy, “Four Lions”, would normally have the country up in arms over its premise. However the film, full of witty one-liners that will make drinks shoot from your nose, seems to capture the satirical value of morons on a mission- even if they are radical jihads.

“Four Lions” follows a group of idiotic jihadists who are determined to fight a consumerist Western culture by becoming public martyrs in England. Through their journey they encounter accidental deaths, outlandish disguises, and even the occasional sing-along.  But instead of really prying into the ideologies of terrorism and political meaning, Morris has hilariously focused on the will and weaknesses of man- which allows for a equal platform that we can laugh at.


One Response to “Four Lions”

  1. moviegeek said

    I really wanted to like this film… but sadly a brave film doesn’t necessarily make it a good one.
    Chris Morris’s constant attempts to turn it into a slapstick comedy undermines the important message behind the film and dilutes it all into a superficial exercise.
    Not a disaster, but it could have been so much better…
    Here’s my review:

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