Fun Fun Fun Fest is sure to give you a black eye: GWAR

November 8, 2010

GWAR – Black Stage, 7:50PM

GWAR is one of the only bands that I can think of that have reached a realm of mythical proportions. They have been around since the mid-80’s and by now, have reached legendary status amongst fans of all ages. Donning elaborate costumes made of styrofoam and latex, the members are from a sci-fi, outer-space realm. GWAR’s story goes something along the lines of them being created centuries ago by the “Master of Reality” and representing all things evil as they ran around the universe (sort of like orcs from LOTR.) After arriving on earth, they claimed to have wreaked havoc by killing off all the dinosaurs, sinking Atlantas, and playing croquet in the middle of Stonehenge. Long story short- they were exiled to earth by their master and were not awoken until the 80’s- and now they are back for more! Their stage show usually includes the disembodiment of celebrities, politicians, and anyone else they can get their hands on. Fans typically attend shows in all white, thus getting their own personal “concert tee” from a GWAR experience. One thing I was surprised to find at my first GWAR show was that they make all the blood for their shows back stage by hand before each show. GWAR simply is one of those bands you have to see- just to be able to say that you saw George W. Bush’s head ripped off by a intergalactic soldier and came home looking like Christmas ( green alien goo and tons of red fake blood.)


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