Fun Fun Fun Fest is sure to give you a black eye: Peelander- Z

November 8, 2010


Peelander- Z – Black Stage, 1:40PM

On a lighter note, Peelander-Z is a super poppy-punk band that will put a giant smile on your face. Their story is that they come from the Z area of the planet, Peelander. As a “Japanese Action Comic Punk” band, each member dons a colored outfit and is named after that color (which is really the color of their skin, so they say). During their shows, there is a lot of rafter climbing, giant squid costumes and human bowling. Yes, human bowling. The highlight of my first Peelander- Z show was having the opportunity to jump on stage with them and play the tin can- which they give out at each show with a special Peelander- Z drum stick,  for fans to hit with them. Out of all of these, Peelander- Z is definitely the most kid-friendly, but does not lessen the enjoyment of their crazy antics.

Even if you think that you don’t like fire, alien blood, or human bowling- you will after these shows, and you’ll also be really disappointed if you miss any of these bands.


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