Palin’s Facebook Smackdown

November 18, 2010

We all have our views on celebrities and the use of social media. However a recent Facebook tiff with the two Palin daughters, Willow and Bristol Palin, bring up questions about how much people in the media (even minor celebrities) should censor themselves in what they display.
The Huffington Post reported on Willow Palin’s use of homophobic language towards personal acquaintances on a Facebook argument that started over an negative comment made about their mom’s new TV show, Alaska.

Various Facebook posts include rebuttals such as:

These are just excerpts from the extremely long and circular argument- but something tells me that the Palin daughters don’t understand that calling people stupid, fat, or ugly will not get them anywhere in life. Something also tells me that they don’t understand that everything they publish on the Internet is essentially being watched and potentially used against their political family.

So should celebrities monitor how they use their social media? At the end of the day, its a personal decision- however, I don’t think Sarah Palin herself would be too pleased with this publicity.

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