A Vegan Thanksgiving

November 25, 2010

Vegan Thanksgiving.

The whole family is gathered around the table.  As your eyes reminiscently gaze over all the familiar faces from far and near you notice that everything seems so natural: uncle Bill is talking politics, your brother, ravenous from his first semester at college, is stuffing his face with food, family members are bickering, others are smiling, and your mom, oh who could forget mom, fretting all by herself in the kitchen over every single detail to make this day “just perfect”. Wonder slowly fades into reality when your stomach grumbles for the first time, the same neural impulse that your stomach is sending to your brain is telling you an all-to-familiar tale, that vegans aren’t really “Thanksgiving material”.  Before you know it, hunger turns into pain, pain becomes despair, and despair mixes with…. BING! The timer from the oven breaks the hopelessness, it’s ready!

The vegan dinner will soon be served.

What does someone who refrains from eating any animal product whatsoever (yes, that includes milk, eggs, and cheese) cook on a day best known for indulging on turkey, ham, and pie? The answer is easier than most people think.

Many vegan recipe websites are advertising special recipes for the holiday season, everything ranging from the intricate Tofu Turkey to a simple Pumpkin Pie Brownie. There is such a myriad of recipes that even the stingy vegan eater will have trouble choosing one of them. Websites such as: www.theppk.com, www.vegweb.com, and www.gentlethanksgiving.org provide ample recipes to choose from, the options are daunting to say the least. Here are some easy-to-make vegan recipes; but a word to the wise: you may want to make more than one serving because even the staunchest carnivore will be slobbering over these dishes.

Fluffy mashed potatoes

Doublebatch Chickpea Cutlets

And a Pumpkin Pie Brownie

Though I myself am not a vegan, these recipes will offer a delicious alternative for friends or family members who are often put in the delicate situation of communal eating on Thanksgiving. While the recipe choices are incalculable, not everyone is in the position to cook a vegan friendly dinner this Thanksgiving, the well-versed vegan often finds themselves as the guests of an un-vegan friendly dinner.However, here are tips (from a friend’s vegan perspective) on how to handle the big dinner:

Eat something before you attend the dinner

Be prepared to defend your veganism against questions and accusations (this ALWAYS comes up)

Bring a vegan dish to show off how tasty veganism can be

Finally, have fun, the holiday season is a time of coming together, don’t be offset by the choices others make


See? A vegan-friendly Thanksgiving dinner was much easier than you thought!


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