Paul McCartney & Jimmy Fallon

December 11, 2010

This week’s guest start on Jimmy Fallon was none other than Sir Paul McCartney. Im not sure how he did it- but Fallon was lucky enough to not only pitch the idea of singing his spoof of The Beatles “Yesterday” on the show, but he actually got McCartney to sing the duet to “Scrambled Eggs.”

It was recently announced that James Cameron is moving away from his beloved world of Pandora and to one that is far more realistic…in a sense.

Cameron, one of the most successful directors of all time, is teaming up with Cirque du Soleil to bring viewers a 3D film. Dateline stated that “[the] intention is for this to launch a series of family features that incorporate Cirque du Soleil into their storylines.”

At the head of this production is director Andrew Adamson (Chronicles of Narnia, Shrek), who has sought out Cameron as producer.

However the really odd thing about this is that production is almost 1/3 of the way done, and this story just broke two days ago.

Regardless of reasoning, everyone is expecting greatness from the leading entertainment group in the country and the leading mastermind behind 3D film.

Business Cards: The New Art

December 8, 2010

In a world where design has been completely pushed into the digital realm, personal business cards have taken on an entirely new & artistically driven transformation.

Now, the once standard black and white card must set itself apart in a sea of creative entrepreneurs.

Sam Buxton has taken this idea to a new level.

Working only with a thin metal sheet and cut-outs, Buxton has been able to capture a 3D environment that is no less than moden art its self.

His collection, appropriately called MIKRO-Man are now being showcased in a art exhibit in London. Now in mass production located on the Mikro Mart website, you can too order your own 3D metal sculptures.

The guys from Jackass have been changing the face of comedy, most recently in 3D. But is their sense of humor filled thats filled with blood, sweat, vomit, and feces as revolutionary as the Three Stooge’s slapstick style was in 1930’s?

Vanity Fair sure seemed to think so. In their October issue, photographer Gavin Bond shot the Jackass crew as the stooges, receptively.

The Jackass franchise has definitely made its mark on comedy and the media. I wonder what Curly, Larry, and Mo would think about their modern counterparts?

How Dinosaurs Really Died

December 8, 2010

Let the truth come out!

If film theory taught me anything, its that I still feel awkward when I am the only one in the room who is laughing to a scene where a handful of leather clad bikers are engaging in various sexual acts with images that are juxtaposed to imagery of Jesus Christ and Adolf Hitler.

Sounds offensive, doesn’t it?

Scorpio Rising was really a commentary about American consumerism and how the media influences how society follows ideals. Director, Kenneth Anger’s experimental film was such a hit that it subsequently influenced other successful directors such as Martin Scorsese and David Lynch.

But really it is the music in Scorpio Rising that permits for a sense of humor to flow into the psyche, and ultimately, lets the view digest the film. It is also the first film to use popular music of its time to narrate the audience through the odd images of motorcycles, homosexuality, Jesus Christ, and James Dean.

The soundtrack follows as:

  1. Ricky Nelson – “Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear to Tread)”
  2. Little Peggy March – “Wind-Up Doll”
  3. The Angels – “My Boyfriend’s Back”
  4. Bobby Vinton – “Blue Velvet”
  5. Elvis Presley – “(You’re the) Devil in Disguise”
  6. Ray Charles – “Hit The Road Jack”
  7. Martha Reeves and the Vandellas – “(Love Is Like A) Heat Wave”
  8. The Crystals – “He’s a Rebel”
  9. Claudine Clark – “Party Lights”
  10. Kris Jensen – “Torture”
  11. Gene McDaniels – “Point Of No Return”
  12. Little Peggy March – “I Will Follow Him”
  13. Surfaris – “Wipe Out”


For a film that has no other audio and has been studied as one of the most influential post-modern films of all time, Anger definitely broke boundaries that allowed for the public into a previously taboo world through the use of rock-and-roll.

Watch the 30 min film here:

The lure of makeup has always been around for women of all ages. Once thought of simply a cosmetic enhancement, makeup is now looked at in a more professional light with specialists who master its art. Like fashion, makeup can be used as a form of expression that is either subtle or bold.

Red lipstick is a bold choice that is reminiscent of the classic Hollywood era of elegant glamour. But is it really so much for the women anymore?

Huffington Post recently reported a study done at Manchester University that proves that the lips of a woman are the first thing that a man notices- even before the stereotypical notion of her breasts.

The study also found that the color red yielded the longest lip-gazing time, with an average of 7 seconds. 7 seconds! This may not come as a surprise for many, as it is obvious that red is a bright and noticeable color. But as Poppy King points out, the color red has previously scared many women away from it. Many women have been told not to accentuate their pout with prior trends resulting in a more “muted” mouth tone. However, this look actually takes away from the shape of the mouth and [perhaps] as a result, more and more are getting lip plumps and injections to unnaturally showcase areas of their face.

But never you fear! Red lipstick is to the rescue and is proving women wrong who had thought that it is overdramatic or adds age to their facial structure. This is one trend that I would be glad to see stay for a little longer- if not simply to add a little color to life, then to promote women to be bold and confident in their choices, even down to the shade of lipstick that they wear.

Photoshop Tutorials

December 7, 2010

Photoshop. The (seemingly) daunting program that is now the standard for any type of design this side of this Mississippi. Used by people of all ages, Photoshop and the entire Adobe CreativeSuites have not only saturated the market, but have become extremely accessible to those seeking the expensive programs.

But once one gets their hands on a copy, how do you actually use it? There is a plethora of online resources for a beginner to investigate into- however I have found that many require at least a little previous knowledge of the program and its tools to fully utilize it.

Out of all the tutorials I have found, this one from Elite by Design is one of the most stranger friendly and approachable lessons I have come across.

Appropriately titled “How To Master Photoshop In One Week”, it takes you through step-by-step to not only use the program- but to really understand it.

Now there is no realistic way to become a Photoshop “Master” in a week- but this tutorial will get you going in the right direction.

People Who…

December 3, 2010

Got a pet peeve? A certain irritation over the way some people do things? Well so does the website “People Who…

Originally starting a personal Tumblr, People Who is written by Wireless G: a self-describing “frustrated anthropologist in search of an outlet to clearly identify those people who confounded him with their CONTINUED, PERSISTENT EXISTENCE.”

Since its start in the summer of 2010, People Who has gained quite the following that the Tumblr page was even posted on the Huffington Post.

There is a certain unifying gratification in pointing out others flaws and tendencies. If taken with a humours grain of salt, People Who… will make you laugh hard at people. It will also make you laugh even harder at yourself when you realize that you probably fall into the majority of “annoying people.”

There is even a drinking game to People Who!