People Who…

December 3, 2010

Got a pet peeve? A certain irritation over the way some people do things? Well so does the website “People Who…

Originally starting a personal Tumblr, People Who is written by Wireless G: a self-describing “frustrated anthropologist in search of an outlet to clearly identify those people who confounded him with their CONTINUED, PERSISTENT EXISTENCE.”

Since its start in the summer of 2010, People Who has gained quite the following that the Tumblr page was even posted on the Huffington Post.

There is a certain unifying gratification in pointing out others flaws and tendencies. If taken with a humours grain of salt, People Who… will make you laugh hard at people. It will also make you laugh even harder at yourself when you realize that you probably fall into the majority of “annoying people.”

There is even a drinking game to People Who!


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