Photoshop Tutorials

December 7, 2010

Photoshop. The (seemingly) daunting program that is now the standard for any type of design this side of this Mississippi. Used by people of all ages, Photoshop and the entire Adobe CreativeSuites have not only saturated the market, but have become extremely accessible to those seeking the expensive programs.

But once one gets their hands on a copy, how do you actually use it? There is a plethora of online resources for a beginner to investigate into- however I have found that many require at least a little previous knowledge of the program and its tools to fully utilize it.

Out of all the tutorials I have found, this one from Elite by Design is one of the most stranger friendly and approachable lessons I have come across.

Appropriately titled “How To Master Photoshop In One Week”, it takes you through step-by-step to not only use the program- but to really understand it.

Now there is no realistic way to become a Photoshop “Master” in a week- but this tutorial will get you going in the right direction.


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