Red Lipstick: For the Women or the Men?

December 7, 2010

The lure of makeup has always been around for women of all ages. Once thought of simply a cosmetic enhancement, makeup is now looked at in a more professional light with specialists who master its art. Like fashion, makeup can be used as a form of expression that is either subtle or bold.

Red lipstick is a bold choice that is reminiscent of the classic Hollywood era of elegant glamour. But is it really so much for the women anymore?

Huffington Post recently reported a study done at Manchester University that proves that the lips of a woman are the first thing that a man notices- even before the stereotypical notion of her breasts.

The study also found that the color red yielded the longest lip-gazing time, with an average of 7 seconds. 7 seconds! This may not come as a surprise for many, as it is obvious that red is a bright and noticeable color. But as Poppy King points out, the color red has previously scared many women away from it. Many women have been told not to accentuate their pout with prior trends resulting in a more “muted” mouth tone. However, this look actually takes away from the shape of the mouth and [perhaps] as a result, more and more are getting lip plumps and injections to unnaturally showcase areas of their face.

But never you fear! Red lipstick is to the rescue and is proving women wrong who had thought that it is overdramatic or adds age to their facial structure. This is one trend that I would be glad to see stay for a little longer- if not simply to add a little color to life, then to promote women to be bold and confident in their choices, even down to the shade of lipstick that they wear.

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