Kurt Vile – Baby’s Arms

September 11, 2013

Kurt Vile‘s popularity over the years has been a constant validation of his ability to not only dig up the sentiment of struggle, loss, wonder, and love from his listeners- but to maintain his articulation of these emotions though a simplistic and honest form. Paired with a floating ambience of his dream-like guitar riffs, Vile opens up his sound to a sort freedom previously found in some great songwriters like Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and Tom Waits.

Baby’s Arms :

“There has been but one true love2
In my baby’s arms, in my baby’s arms
And I got the hands to hold onto them

I get sick of just about everyone
And I hide in my baby’s arms
‘Cause except for her, you know, as I’ve implied

I will never ever ever be alone
‘Cause it’s all in my baby’s hands
Shiny, shiny secret stones
In my baby’s hands”

photo (14)

Baby’s Arms is an example of Vile’s music maturing and condensing into a more pure sound, once evolving from a lo-fi, psychedelic origin.


For more information and to follow Vile’s tour dates, check here.

Gillian Shewaga 

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